Design covers is our job

We have designed over one thousand covers. Some of them you may see in portfolio below. See our portfolio →


Graham Masterton
“Anna Damasiewicz designs covers that not only seized the reader’s attention, they embody all of the atmosphere of the novel inside. For a horror novelist, it is very important that the book looks both enticing and threatening and that its cover promises not only fear and mystery but enjoyment as... Więcej...
Bernard Cornwell
“I love to see Anna Damasiewicz’s artwork on the covers of my books! She brilliantly captures the spirit of the stories. Thank you, Anna!  ”
Kevin Hogan, PsyD
“Anna Damasiewicz is one of the finest designers I’ve had the pleasure to meet. Her work extends beyond the professional norm. She is creative, aware of the audience she is designing for and knows how to connect that audience to a book. Anna designed the brilliant cover to Psychology of... Więcej...
Dorothy McIntosh
“It’s a great thrill to see my writing translated into such vibrant and eye-catching cover images by Anna Damasiewicz. Her designs make you want to open those pages!  ”
Nick Stone
“I love the covers to both books. And I love them both equally. You captured the spirit of the books very well. Even I’d buy them. (about book covers of Mr Clarinet and King of Swords)  ”
Shirlee Busbee
“Wow! The covers are lovely. The colors bright and attractive (the gowns, too). I like the, I guess, you could say ‘theme’ running through them. Great job. (about the following book covers: Surrender Becomes Her, Passion Becomes Her, Rapture Becomes Her)  ”
Chloe Palov
“The cover for Ark of Fire is beautifully executed with strong, elegant lines and visual appeal that perfectly evoke the beating heart at the story’s center, the fabled Ark of the Covenant. The Templar’s Code is a masterfully rendered book cover with stunning color and compositional impact that not only... Więcej...
P.T. Deutermann
“The covers are very well done and quite dramatic. Thank you for your good work. (about book covers of Ghosts of Bungo Suido and The Last Man)  ”
Maureen Jennings
“I was most happy to see these covers; the design, the colour, the general look were all most evocative of the period. A great job. (about book covers in the Murdoch Mystery Books series)  ”
Anne Perry
“Dear Annie, your covers are eye catching, draw the viewer into the scene, which is what a cover should do. The one of Pentecost Alley in particular is superb. It has such vitality, potential for drama. I hope you can manage to do more of such interest.  ”

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