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I design book covers.
With each cover I aim to create an image that is representative of the contents and atmosphere of the book. I aim to stimulate the reader’s imagination.

Visual language is my natural way of communicating with the world.
I come from a family with artistic traditions. My parents are painters and I was educated along these lines. My daughter is studying industrial design – and thus continuing the creative passion of our family.

How did I start designing book covers?
Ever since I was a child I have been fond of reading. I also liked the feel of holding a book in my hand and always paid attention to the editorial and graphic designs.

Over the years I worked as a graphic designer in printing houses and a publishing house. Among the many tasks assigned to me, I was responsible for designing book covers. These projects gave me the most satisfaction. Therefore, as a freelancer, I decided to pursue this career.

Over the past eight years I have designed nearly 1000 covers.
I cooperate, among others, with Zysk i S-ka, Prószyński i S-ka, Świat Książki, Bellona SA, Wydawnictwo
Dolnośląskie, Wydawnictwo Czarna Owca, Nasza Księgarnia.

How do I work?
I follow the rules of applied arts and advertising. I combine the artistic dimension of my work with communication. I treat a cover as a package, which is to attract attention and sell the product. I aim to get recipients to reach for a book being tempted by the graphical artwork.

I design covers for books and e-books. I prepare PDF files to meet the printing requirements. I stick to order deadlines and refine details according to the requests of the client. I jump in with both feet and get fully involved with my projects.

What else do I do?
Books are my great love, but I also design posters, advertising materials and visual identity.

My portfolio

A list of books for which I designed covers in the catalog

Contact me!
The terms and conditions of cooperation are always agreed individually.
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What readers think about the book covers that I designed:

I am not going to lie – I bought ‘Handbags and Homicide’ mainly because of the way the book cover looked. It caught my eye immediately. After just a moment, I was heading towards the checkout to make a payment holding it tight. The fact I was not into crime stories in the past did not prevent me from buying it.

Dominika Strzelecka

The moment I noticed the book release in the Zysk and S-ki Publishing House, I knew I must have it. The book cover was so hypnotizing that I was seduced by the promises of spending a good time reading an outstanding book.

Pamela Janik (o okładce do książki „She”)

Ms Anna creates WONDERFUL book covers! It is a feast for the eyes. Because of her amazing artistic skills and because of the colours she matches on the book covers, I decided to refresh my book series of Agatha Christie. At first, I only wanted to buy a few books (I have already known a large number of them); however, I liked the covers so much that I bought more than I originally intended. It is a real pleasure to put books with SUCH great covers on a shelf. I certainly did not hope such beautiful, stylish book covers might be created.

Wojciech Trojanowski

I fell in love with the book immediately, as soon as I opened the box. I love that type of layout of books. The cover is beautiful – I couldn’t stop looking at it.

Kyou (o okładce do książki „She”)