A striking declaration to say the least. However, those who have even a rudimentary knowledge of history (which is increasingly rare) should not be too surprised by it. Stalin was to be loved ex officio – as was the case with Mao Zedong in China, Fidel Castro in Cuba, and Kim Il-sung in North Korea. What is more, those are only the most spectacular examples because candidates for receiving the undying love of the people have been put forward by various factions at various times. This time, however, it appears to be a sincere and authentic confession – hidden for years and miraculously unearthed. Who is behind it? No less than Lyubov Orlova – the greatest ever Soviet movie star. This is where America’s superiority over Soviet Russia becomes apparent; while MM got to sing “Happy birthday, Mr President” to Kennedy, Orlova never got the chance to perform the song from the movie “Jolly Fellows” for Stalin. He was truly a man of steel and neither love nor Lyubov could distract him from serving the working people of the towns and villages. And by the way, if a movie about Orlova was to be made today, I would not hesitate to cast Meryl Streep in the main role. I copyright this idea.


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