In this beautiful scenery, a European woman fell in love with a handsome Masai. She then went on to write a book about her relationship which turned out to be a tremendous success, “The White Masai” took the literary world by storm and, according to an old principle of the white man, one cannot calmly nibble at the wispy leaves of the acacia – one has to keep going. Thus, out came more books, which, although not causing as much of a stir, were nonetheless eagerly awaited by a multitude of readers. “Das Mädchen mit dem Giraffenhals” (“The Girl with the Giraffe Neck”) is Corinne Hofmann’s latest work. With the subject of Africa already exhausted, the author had to go back to her roots (not baobab roots, though – as we know, they are not exactly known for their subtlety). The subtitle – “How I became a white Masai” – explains everything about how we can easily discover what qualities a candidate for an African woman needs to possess. And as Autumn progresses, getting ever closer and closer to the dreaded winter, thoughts of Africa will appear ever more frequently in our heads, adorned with red, swollen noses.

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