Czarna Owca Sp. of o.o.
ul. Alzacka 15A
03-392 Warszawa

Ms. Anna Damasiewicz has been working with our publishing house as a graphic designer since 2013. During this time period she has designed covers of the following books:

„Ostatnia zima” (Den sista vintern)
„Człowiek mroku” (Mørkemannen)
„Miłosny potencjał kobiety” (Healing Love through the Tao: Cultivating Female Sexual Energy)
„Dom na końcu świata” (Hus vid världens ände)
„Pod ziemią w Villette” (Under jorden i Villette)
„Park Marconiego” (Marconi Park)
„Słodka śmierć” (Sukkerdøden)
„Odpoczywaj w pokoju” (Vila i Frid)

Ms. Damasiewicz has been excellent in performing her role as a graphic designer – she is solid, meets deadlines, all the book cover designs are top-notch artistically, and production files are always well-prepared in technical terms.

Best regards,
Małgorzata Głodowska


Dolnośląskie Publishing House
ul. Podwale 62
50-010 Wrocław
Wrocław, 03/12/2014

Ms. Anna Damasiewicz has been working with Dolnośląskie Publishing House
since 2011, designing book covers, ads, banners and website elements. All the work she does is always top-quality and never fails to meet a deadline. Covers, as well as other elements, can be characterized by ingenuity and excellent sense of the topic and type of publication. It needs to be stressed, that Ms. Damasiewicz is always ready to introduce optional changes and she can be always relied on in crisis situations and tough deadlines.
Among the work she has done, it is most of all worth mentioning that she has designed the layout of the “Agatha Christie – Królowa Kryminału” collection, as well as of other books of this author in various series.
The cooperation is going great and I honestly recommend the services of Ms. Damasiewicz even to the most demanding clients.

Klaudia Kościelska
Menedżer projektu
Dolnośląskie Publishing House

Świat Książki Sp. z o.o
Ul. Hankiewicza 2
02-103 Warszawa
Warsaw, 21/08/2014

The Świat Książki publishing house began cooperation with Mrs. Damasiewicz in 2013. Mrs. Damasiewicz designs covers for books printed by our publishers. This cooperation still runs smoothly and without interruption.
All the projects proposed by this graphic designer correspond to the content of the books, and at the same time are aesthetic and attractive, which significantly increases the products retail value. Her designs are rich and diverse in form. Mrs. Damasiewicz perfectly understands the publisher’s needs and comprehensively responds to instructions, introducing all the necessary amendments. Frequently the designs presented by her are a hit and do not need further changes.

Immediate availability and ability to meet tight deadlines are undoubted strengths of this artist. Additionally, her creativity lends itself for greater effectiveness of the published work.
We greatly appreciate her professionalism and creativity and highly recommend cooperation with Mrs. Damasiewicz.

Magdalena Antoniuk


Prószyński Media Sp. z o.o
Ul. Rzymowskiego 28
02-697 Warszawa
Warsaw, 24/07/2014

I greatly value our cooperation with Mrs. Damasiewicz. She is a person of rare reliability, punctuality and patience. As a designer for the covers of the John Lutz crime fiction series Mrs. Damasiewicz her work has proven to be of immense importance, and certainly contributed to the success of the published series.

Adrian Markowski

Joseph Conrad-Korzeniowski Regional and Municipal Public Library
Targ Rakowy 5/6
80-806 Gdańsk
Gdańsk, 08/05/2012

Ms Anna M. Damasiewicz held an exhibition of covers of crime novels designed by her between 19/04/2012 and 15/05/2012 during the Gdańsk Criminal Affair event (part of the festival calabrating the World Book and Copyright Day) in the Manhattan Library – a branch of the Joseph Conrad-Korzeniowski Regional and Municipal Public Library in Gdansk.
The exposition of Ms Damasiewicz’s work was a huge success among readers, especially among the lovers of crime stories. The artwork is a beautiful decoration for the windows of the Manhattan Library.
On behalf of the Library we would like to thank Ms Anna M. Damasiewicz for sharing her work.

Paweł Braun
General Manager

Erica Editorial Institute
ul. Krasińskiego 8 lok. 6
01-601 Warszawa
Warsaw, 15/07/2011

Erica Editorial Institute has worked in partnership with Ms Anna Damasiewicz since 2009. During this time she completed many projects for us: book covers, press materials and applied graphics.
Among them are significant works such as cover designs for Bernard Cornwell’s Arthurian trilogy: „Winter monarch”, „Enemy of God” and „Excalibur”, as well as projects for „The Preschool Education” and „The three-year-old in kindergarten”.
The graphic designs submitted by Ms Anna Damasiewicz have always been impeccable from a technical point of view, polished from the perspective of the products content, but also taking into account the marketing aspect. These works are usually rich and diverse. Typically, the designer proposes several versions of the project, and then, if necessary, adjusts to the precise instructions of the publisher, and when the publisher does not have their own idea, she helps to find the right solution. Even though she is kept extremely busy by the publishing market as a specialist, she is always flexible and at disposal to meet the agreed deadlines.
As a publishing company, who highly appreciate the professionalism and creativity of our business partners, we can highly recommend the services of Ms Anna Damasiewicz.

Przemysław Frankowski
Chairman of the Board

Bellona SA
ul. J. Bema 87
01-233 Warszawa
Warsaw, 11/07/2011

Anna Damasiewicz is the author of many book covers designed for our publishing house. Her work is characterised by artistic sensibility, combined with knowledge of the market, integrity and discipline in completing projects on time. She is open to our expectations and needs and strives to adapt to them. Book authors are satisfied with Ms Damasiewicz’s covers and praise her professionalism as much as we do.

Bogusław Brodecki

Videograf II Sp. of o.o.
Aleja Harcerska 3C
41-500 Chorzów
Chorzów, 09/09/2010

Ms Anna Maria Damasiewicz has been working with Videograf II publishers and Videograf Education since April 2010, designing covers for our books. The projects we commissioned have been prepared professionally and on time, with a unique sense of aesthetics and attention to detail, and the nature of our cooperation was friendly and practical. We would strongly recommend Ms Damasiewicz as a creative and competent graphic designer. The additional benefits of working with her are the quick response to our needs and her ability to take the initiative on projects.
Anna Maria Damasiewicz designed, among other things, covers for the following series of books: „The Book of Epigrams”, „The Polish Book of Anecdotes”, „The World Book of Anecdotes”, „The Book of Proverbs”, „Latin Sayings”, „Aphorisms of the World”, „Great Men in Anecdotes”, „The Book of Beautiful Wishes”, „From the diary into your Heart”, and some special projects, such as „Styles and Periods in Architecture”, „Folklore and Customs of Poland”, „The Gems of Polish Renaissance” and „Poland. Natural Treasures and Cultural Heritage”. The artwork created for the book series and other covers was of excellent quality.
We sincerely and highly recommend Ms Damasiewicz as a great artist and creative associate.

Ireneusz Godawa
Publishing Director

Oficynka Publishing House
ul. Kartuska 47/5
80-141 Gdańsk
Gdańsk, 27/08/2010

Our cooperation with Ms Anna Damasiewicz is a wonderful and exceptionally rewarding experience. The book covers, websites and advertising materials that she designs are always the result of an excellent understanding of the subject matter and artistic skill, making these works significantly stand out on the book market. Her graphics are prepared with utmost professionalism and are technically impeccable, which is extremely important in an industry where there is no time for teaching even a good graphics designer what the formulation of a project should look like. Her artistic talent and sense of aesthetics are astounding.
Damasiewicz’s works are rich and varied. She has prepared many types of designs: from postcards, through covers of different types of books, to Internet creations. She is equally capable of designing functional advertising material as of creating an original trademark, delivering aesthetics and utility to suit the needs and tastes of the customer. At the same time, Anna is a person who values others’ time, always at disposal and keeping to set deadlines.
I highly recommend her services to all those who value professionalism, artistic skill and cooperation based on mutual understanding.

Jolanta Świetlikowska

Zysk & Co Publishing House
ul. Wielka 10
61-774 Poznań
Poznań, 10/02/2009

As a result of the decision to re-issue the “Silver Key Club” series published during the time of The Polish People’s Republic, our publishing house was looking for a book cover designer who was capable of capturing the atmosphere of crime mysteries from the 60’s as well as adding a modern touch to them. Ms Damasiewicz has fully met the above requirements. The covers of the “Silver Key” series, with their simplicity and minimalism, are eye-catching and attractive to the potential buyer.
Ms Anna Damasiewicz has an excellent knowledge of her craft and combines full professionalism with patience in realising the book cover projects. Anna skillfully transforms the client’s vision into a highly satisfying final product.
I would like to add that the final result of Ms Damasiewicz’s work received a lot of praise from the authors of the books for which she designed the covers.

Tadeusz Zysk

Dr Josef Raabe & Co
Wola Plaza, ul. Młynarska 8/12
01-194 Warszawa
Warsaw, 04/02/2009

Here at Dr Josef Raabe Publishing House, we target our publications at different professional groups. In order to meet the high expectations of our readers we care not only about the substantive quality of the material but also about the aesthetics and innovation on the visual side. We would like to sincerely thank Ms Anna Damasiewicz for creating the handbook cover for “Nursing care of the elderly” and for the graphic design of a publication entitled “Endodontics step by step”. The work on these projects progressed quickly and efficiently. Anna showed great commitment, creativity, reliability and dedication to customer satisfaction. I can genuinely recommend working with Ms Damasiewicz, as she is a trustworthy person.

Margaret Gawrońska
Product Manager

NYATRI Polish Aid Foundation for Children of Tibet
ul. Warszawska 31 m 21
61 – 113 Poznań
Poznań, 27/01/2009

We would like to sincerely thank Ms Anna Maria Damasiewicz for the comprehensive development of promotional materials that publicise our Foundation: posters, leaflets, and postcards, which she created ‘pro bono’ (for the public good).
Our cooperation was very enjoyable. The completed projects show great professionalism, creativity and consistency. Anna does not only adhere to the deadlines, but she can also stand at full readiness and is prepared to apply any required changes at the last minute (just before the material is sent for printing).
We strongly recommend Ms Anna Maria Damasiewicz as a responsible and reliable contractor, who cares about the quality of the services she provides.

Eve Murawska
Member of the Board

IMPULS Publishing House
ul. Fatimska 53 B
31-831 Kraków
Cracow, 26/01/2009

Ms Anna Maria Damasiewicz has been collaborating with Impuls Publishing House since 2008. We would like to express our appreciation for her conscientious work and outstanding skills. We feel that our cooperation to date has been very satisfying.
All the graphic design work requested by our company was completed with utmost professionalism, trustworthiness, creative approach to the subject and promptness. Her projects have fully met our requirements.
Cooperating with such a reliable partner gives excellent results. I strongly recommend Ms Anna Maria Damasiewicz as a diligent and competent graphic designer.

Wojciech Śliwerski
Director of the Impuls Publishing House

MIDRASZ Association
ul. Twarda 6
00-104 Warszawa
Warsaw, January 23, 2009

We employed Ms Anna Maria Damasiewicz to design the covers for a series of books by Jewish authors and prepare them for printing. It was our first collaboration and we are completely satisfied. Ms Damasiewicz is an extremely creative and inventive graphic designer, gifted with a great sense of aesthetics and at the same time conscientious, accurate, dependable and open-minded. She excels at up-to-date desktop publishing processes. We will wholeheartedly recommend her projects to other publishers, and we would certainly be happy to work with Ms Anna M. Damasiewicz again.

Katarzyna Jutkiewicz-Kubiak
Secretary of MIDRASZ
Project Manager of „The library of Midrasz”

NAKOM Publisher
ul. Wielka 10
61-774 Poznań
Poznań, 21/01/2009

Ms Anna Maria Damasiewicz has collaborated with NAKOM Publisher since September, working as a computer graphics designer.
She is the author of the book cover „Digital Photography. An Easy Beginning for Seniors”. She has also prepared the graphic design of covers for a series of computer-related books for beginners.
The projects of Ms Damasiewicz demonstrate an individual and recognisable style, skillfully combining artistic elements with informative and functional ones.
In the course of our professional contacts, Ms Damasiewicz has proven to be a very creative person and yet pragmatic, precise, conscientious and reliable.

Andrzej Zydor
Chairman of the Board

Esprit SC Publisher
ul. św. Kingi 4
30-528 Kraków
Cracow, 21/01/2009

We cooperated with Ms Anna M. Damasiewicz during the publishing of Thomas Meron’s title “Praying with the Psalms. When we open the Bible”. We asked her to prepare a graphic design for the cover of this book.
Ms Damasiewicz started to work on the project by familiarising herself with the book. Afterwards, she presented us with a choice of several options for the graphics. In our opinion they were all excellent, perfectly corresponding to the tone and values of our book. We chose one of the projects which we felt was the most appropriate, and we asked Anna to prepare a few more variants with minor changes in the lettering and other specific details. Ms Damasiewicz approached our suggestions with great understanding and creativity while working on the project. We felt that she really made every effort to take our experience and preferences into account and at the same time maintained her own style and did not lose sight of her own experiences and artistic sensibility.
We were very pleased with the final result of her work. We sincerely and very highly recommend her as a great artist and also a very good and creative partner.

Kazimierz Bocian

Fraszka Educational Publisher
ul. Jagiellońska 76/206
03-301 Warszawa
Warsaw, 07/01/2009

Ms Anna Maria Damasiewicz has designed a series of book covers for our publishing house. The graphic designs, the quality of which was excellent, were created in a professional and timely manner. Agreeing the details and resolving queries was handled in a pleasant and friendly way. We value the work of Ms Anna Maria Damasiewicz very highly, and we believe that she is one of the leading designers in the book business.

Ewa Niezgoda
Managing Director

Discalced Carmelites Publishing House
ul. Z. Glogera 5
31-222 Kraków
Cracow, 05/01/2009

Ms Anna Maria Damasiewicz has worked with our publishing house on a number of occasions. She is the author of book cover art for our publications. Her works were very positively received not only by members of our editorial team, but also by our readers.
In the course of our cooperation, she revealed herself to be a person of great integrity, conscientious, flexible, willing to compromise and consistently adhering to set deadlines.
As we are seeing a significant development of the publishing industry in Poland (book sales volume increasing year on year), we hope that the offer of Ms Anna Maria Damasiewicz’s graphic studio will attract great interest on the desktop publishing market.

Father Andrzej Gbur
Director of the Discalced Carmelites Publishing House in Cracow