Henry Rider Haggard made an immense contribution to this. I have to admit that I knew his name mostly because of the rowdy-adventure novel “King Solomon’s Mines”, and to be completely honest, because I also liked the great cinematic adaptations of the novel; mostly the one starring Richard Chamberlain. Then came the Victorian novel “She”. In this case, designing the cover has been quite the challenge, however, my investigations quickly paid off as it turned out that “She” influenced Kipling, Miller, Green, Tolkien, and Atwood. Freud and Jung referred to the novel in their psychoanalytical theories. It inspired Burroughs and Conan Doyle. Without “She” there wouldn’t be “The Lord of the Rings” or “The Chronicles of Narnia”. Need I add anything more? No? Surely that’s enough! So believe me when I say I’ve done my best: as I rarely do – comes to mind. The truth is, I did my best as I always do. I believe I’ve found an appropriate mask for “Her”.

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